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Easy Tips to Manage Periods in Rain

In these heavy rains when each and every resource is difficult to get, periods would be one of the most difficult issues to handle. Sanitary napkins are also very difficult to get and even more difficult to dispose in these conditions. Most people also do not have electricity, making it even more difficult to handle drying cloth napkins. These are few tips that everyone of you can share and spread to help manage this situation.

  1. If possible to get, menstrual cups of small size for girls and women who have not delivered a baby and bigger ones for women who have delivered babies would be ideal. A picture from Menstrupedia, on correct insertion is added. It would be definitely difficult to use it the first time, but it is the best solution in such times of crisis.

Illustration of menstrual cup, menstrual cup worn in the vagina, step 1: folding the menstrual cup, step 2: inserting the folded menstrual cup - Menstrupedia

After each use, just pour out the  blood, in toilets if possible, or on holes, dug underground.  Wash the cup with water and re-insert it. Soaking for up to 7 minutes in boiling water is the easiest way to clean it after 5 or 7 days of bleeding

2.  Cloth is the easiest alternative. Use only dry cotton cloth. Even old flannels can be used.

An easy method would be to take a long plastic sheet, any polythene bag would do. Make sure it is long enough to across the crotch. Try putting some thread around it, so that it would be tightly held against your body. Put dry cotton cloth between the plastic and your body and use this as a sanitary napkin.

Once wet, wash it with soap or a dilute dettol solution, whichever is available. Use newspapers to dry the cotton or flannel. Then put it over the vessel lids in which you are cooking, ideally this is not at all a problem. If you feel difficult to do it, just put it over empty vessels which are on stove (assuming that LPG/kerosene is not a limited resource). Will attach pictures as soon as possible for ease of use. Anyone needing support, kindly contact. Will try my  best to help.