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Being a Girl

Swaddled in soft cotton, I drool

And I hope to make my mom cool –

I smell of her milk and smile in her sweetness.

Will I be dear to her – as her baby, that I am;

Will she care, that I were a female?

Cars, tractors, bears and doll

Playing with tea cups or with ball –

I stain in ink and stink in sweat.

Will I be forced – to be indoors;

Will I be let loose in the neighbourhoods?

Dresses, lipsticks and bags, can they fool

The solder iron, which is my tool –

I date and I study.

Will I need to be pretty;

Will it be fine, if I am just witty?

My vagina dreams,

Adrenaline screams –

I can make love on a mountain top.

Will you care to explore in here;

Will you expect me to stay in the valleys?

Cooking for you pasta

Dancing with you salsa –

Sashaying in gowns and crunch your numbers.

Will we be doing the dishes;

Will I be lost in my wishes?

Now, it is my baby

Caressing is my hobby –

I breastfeed and take care of my body.

Will I be a mom;

or Will I cease to be?

As an infant,

As a young girl,

As a competitive lass,

As a warring woman,

As a confident lady,

As a caring parent: I realize it,

My thoughts, needs and actions,

None of them are or need to be put in black and white boxes –

Defining my boundaries.

Let there be free flow from manliness to womanliness

Let me be free to think and act;

Let me be myself and proud –

As a girl;

Proud as a girl, that I am



Environment, Society, Rebellion, Music and Adventure are keywords playing in my mind from as long as I remember. A default introvert and an obsessive extrovert, I have strong beliefs and I stand for them. Currently as a Fellow in State Bank of India's Rural Development Fellowship called Youth for India, I plan to share my journey to all.

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