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Happened then,

When we all,

Women!!! Old and Young,

Fat, Thin, Black to White,

Confused, Ashamed, Shy, Confident, Angry, Sad,


In a

tiny space; HOME,

we called it then.

Colours, Fears, Strengths, and Weaknesses,

United us in the Bright Day


In those

Dark, hopeful Nights.

Two days and nights

We bonded – stories, nature, art

saw the moon, felt the sun.


One Woman.

Many women, different women

We became one, breathed, existed;

United by the fire in Women.

This is a small attempt at capturing the essence of emotions, shared by few women, across all spectrum of culture, profession and roles; when we met at a small gathering, where we

“Had faith in the strength of the feminine collective…
And send love and light across many realms…
Believing in the power of the Wild woman”,
according to one of the fellow participant, who calls herself Earthling. This was facilitated and arranged by the Ecofemme team at Auroville, Pondicherry, India.
Note: I have tried to write my thoughts as a poem; where each line has one word more than what appears in the preceding line. I have followed this pattern till the it reaches six words, and again started back at one word. I chose 6, because it is the highest single digit number that is a factor of 360, which signifies a circle;  the beginning of an end of a beginning.